Reviews for "Onigirl Dando 6'th"

Love it

I love them man. just keep making them and ill keep playing a rating 5

Onigirlluvr responds:



The first thing happened to me on this one like the first one... my eyes start getting dry and then it starts looking weird but it's kinda cool too just something weird anybody else have this happen to them to?


Am so absolutely terrible at this ;(..

What an awesome game!! :) This is so nice to play...
The music is fantastic :)


i've finally beaten one of your dando series games on extreme...i'm so happy right now...but i shouldn't be...it's just a game...
anyways, great game...hopefully there's more


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Not bad, huh? :) Anyway, I really liked this one. It's a really cool song, too. Wonder what the name of it is? (Hint, hint. >.<) But I thought this one was AWESOME!!! :D I'll give it a 10.