Reviews for "Onigirl Dando 6'th"


It's cool..... but so hard!

Very good

Never before have I had so much fun feeling my hand eye coordination be so throughly destroyed. Keep up the good work.

Very Nice!

I played this a few times and it was fun. I couldn't pass it on normal :P

Graphics are basic, but nice, the do the trick. It would be neat to see even a little basic transparent picture in the background, something like DDR.

Sound, I loved it! Probably the reason I attempted to do better each time. I really liked it.

No violence. :p Interactivity is nice. No humor either. Overall, I gave it a 7. It would be neat if you could add some neat lighting effects to the arrows. Even if you don't put an image behind the rising arrows, maybe just brighten it up a little bit. It's a little dark. Not bad though!

Again, really nice! Now I'm going to go try the others you've made :D

ok but

It was ok, but there is one button I dont know! And I could have lost cuz of that,

music title/artist missing

i am guessing you made your own music to put it onto your ddr game since you never credit the music with title/artist. at least name the music yourself and put it in there, all games usually have a credit section regarding the proper reference and copyright information.