Reviews for "Onigirl Dando 6'th"

Tough, but fun

I enjoyed it. Well done. It is one of the few basic games that haven't been overused thousands of times. Such as snake. Very well done.


For the non-wtf-initiated... Instructions???? Somewhere? What the hell?

I'm giving it an 8 because I'm ASSUMING it would be fun if I knew what to do...


Wow that was really cool, DDR on PC! wOOt!

Pros: The preloader is cool, lol I'm weird. When you press the arrows, it fits in with the music. Nicely done with that, like the rhythm corresponds to the arrow fitting on top of arrow. I like how you make different modes too, really nice.

Cons: The background could use a little spice up, like moving neon lights or something. Plain black... meh.

Once you get all the mixes out onto Newgrounds, you should make a masterpiece. One that has every song on Onigirl and you can choose the modes and everything. Basically all of your submissions put together. Cheers.

I love it even more!

You keep makin these I keep giving you 5!

Pretty cool.

What's the name of that song?