Reviews for "Onigirl Dando 6'th"

It's great...

... but there are a thousand things you could do to make it better. This game is just like DDR. You need to add other songs, and make easy a bit easier. Also, What the HELL am I supposed to do with /'/sA'/" or whatever???????????????????


It's cool..... but so hard!

We need a songlisting!

Could you please post somewhere a complete listing of all the OniGirl songs? Please? I tried looking at your BBS, but that's all in Japanese...

I love these kinds of games!

What is the song called? I wanna download it too!


The first thing happened to me on this one like the first one... my eyes start getting dry and then it starts looking weird but it's kinda cool too just something weird anybody else have this happen to them to?