Reviews for "Onigirl Dando 6'th"


twas very good. another great one from the great onigirlluvr. if anyone is wondering why i have violence, i tend to get hostile when i miss one B). good job and keep it up.


I love it btw whats the name of the song you used?

DDR for your fingers

wow! Nicely done. A few suggestions though
I no you said to use space bar, but tell people for what cause i read some reviews and some people couldnt figure it out.
Also, if you make another one, give a selection of songs (tho the song u used was very good)
Thats it, I loved it.


Yeah the game was fun but what the hell is that A symbol thingy, i cant fugure it out. Good job tho.

ok but

It was ok, but there is one button I dont know! And I could have lost cuz of that,