Reviews for "Onigirl Dando 6'th"

music title/artist missing

i am guessing you made your own music to put it onto your ddr game since you never credit the music with title/artist. at least name the music yourself and put it in there, all games usually have a credit section regarding the proper reference and copyright information.


Play Result =

Great: 139, Good: 4, Poor: 0, Max Combo: 139. Rank: SS, Score: 9834.

Not bad, huh? :) Anyway, I really liked this one. It's a really cool song, too. Wonder what the name of it is? (Hint, hint. >.<) But I thought this one was AWESOME!!! :D I'll give it a 10.

Yes! God rank! AT LAST!!!!11one

Gah..for TWO YEARS I've been trying to get a GOD rank on this one! I forgot about this for a year though. XD; I guess i just wasn't skilled enough at pressing the arrow keys. But FINALLY I got a god rank. ; ;


Oh and I love the song in this.


I really wished you had put all of this into one Flash.


I finally made God Mode!!!! I was wondering what "god mode" was untill i got these scores
Max Combo: 143
Score: 10000
This is the best game ever!!! the music is prefect, (i loved the music so much, do you know what it is?) anyway this game rocks ^0^