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Reviews for "-black flower-"

not ur best work...

but u did make it at 4 in the morning tho

Wierd, but..

If this is a little thing made at the break of dawn, then you have a lot of talent and potential.

nice but weird

sorta spooky, pretty nice, but i like your other music better.

and euhh... WHY only 5 reviews??? :p


An awesome, but very strange tune. I like the very tinny small melody hints you have all the time.
I dont like the reverb you have put on the percussion, it makes it sound like it has all been recorded in a small.. closet.. thing.
Anyway, keep on teh rawking. :O

Fight Scene

The sound to this song sounds great... it seems like it is distorted a little. Like it is raw music and pure action/fight scene material.

Nice Job, you starting to come back for me! I started to dislike some of your recent songs before you said you were "leaving"... now you hve come back into my books as one of my favorites.

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