Reviews for "Sagat and his meowth"

GOOOOOD picture and good lights...
Never seen sagat like this... O_o

that right there is so cute. i have to wonder if he got meowth to cheer himself up after ryu beat him and gave him the distinguishing chest scar.


wow this is really awesome :D
i just HAVE TO fave it

You know, in a peculiar way, this actually seems feasible given the way you've drawn it.
Very interesting choice though. I'm curious, do you recall the reason that you decided to draw/paint this in particular? Can't help but ask about the motivation/idea behind it.

Though I must admit, it is indeed as jdietz43 pointed out.
Unique and intriguing, that is. I couldn't have put it any better myself.

I don't even like Street Fighter and this is awesome.
The tough guy of Sagat holding a sleeping kitty is way unique and intriguing.