Reviews for ""Clown""


I just have to say after reading the most recent reviewer's post that it's absolute grade A BS. Plenty of people in this world get harrassed, picked on, abused as children, and yes, some even kill themselves. The ones that don't, sometimes get on with their lives..go to therapy, talk about their problems. Shooting up a fucking school does not deserve pity. He was a MURDERER. The kind of people that think just because serial killers, or murderers, do it because they were "Born that way" that they deserve some kind of fucking pity? Pity the people that survived the attack, some may be crippled for life, the parents of the dead children, not the person that shot up a school because "Waah, he was misunderstood and didn't get along with people." If he was really "reaching out" to people, he sure jacked that one up. Look at stephen king, some could say he is reaching out, but no, that's just how his imagination works.

What can I say?

All of a sudden whenever people submit shit on NG all of a sudden alot of people think they have wisdom and they their all wise so they try to submit a review that tells us "Oh it's just a iraqi game doesn't mean anything" or "So what if Asia lost thousands dont matter it aint us"...you think that's wise. That's stupidity. This flash on the other hand is twisted also. Notice how he made Target practice too....just before the school shooting...put 2 and 2 together. Something was obvoisly stirring in this kids mind waay before any of use knew it was too late. So before you guyz try to tell people how to review ask yourself what if my mom was the teacher...would YOU feel the same way?