Reviews for ""Clown""

Better than the one that's on the front page.

This is good. Again, I'm sorry you didn't find whatever you needed in life.

That's Funny

Thats funny Xannybarz that you said you had a riend who recently committed suicided and you dont have the strength to do that to the ones you love like he did to his. That's a pretty noble statement, did you ever think you were more afraid of killing yourself than you were of hurting other people around you? because that is sure as hell my opinion and everyone that i am with. If you did have any symapthy for Jeff you would be able to understand the hardship and pain he went through during his entire life which led him to his terrible act instead of easily pinpointing society as a scapegoat, please delve deeper into a topic as harsh as this before you post in it. , "Btw I am not advocating Murder in my defense of his crimes I am only respecting the reasoning behind them since no one else will.


too-demonsional you are an f*ckin* a**h*le! if you think about your comment youshould say it wasn`t Ok! Jeff had psychic problems i think so you shouldn`t say something about him. except you was on this school

RIP, he had great style.

Noticed that thing in the bloody scene? It's a single frame of the clown eating the guy's head, you can see it here: http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/29 98/clownwm3.jpg


this flash was for halloween so stop saying "he is a serial killer" fuck you
there was a flash for this halloween about a kid getting ass raped and everyone thinks its all wacky n sly
good thing he killed people like you