Reviews for ""Clown""

Not bad

I know you can't read this regret, as you shot people!

Anyway, the animation was really good, excellent graphics.


I agree with naotaman81 if anyone blames this on anytype of media they should have their asses kicked. Its no one but the people who picked on him.Thats what pushes someone over the edge the constant picking at them. It is their fault and i dont care who says what because the guy was very disturbed as you can see by watching this. You DO NOT i repeat DO NOT pick on someone who seems disturbed in any way because you never know when they are gonna bring a gun to school and shoot you.So if you make fun of people and you read this think about it next time. You might think its harmless fun at the time but you know what the next day that kid might come to school and put a bullet in your brain.This is just one example of what happens when you torment kids. I mean I'm 17 and there are times when people make fun of people at school that i know could snap anyday and if they so the people that picked on that kid will be the first ones gunned down. SO NEVER PICK ON THE OUTCAST KIDS BECAUSE THEY MIGHT JUST BRING A GUN TO SCHOOL AND SHOOT YOUR ASS AND THEN WHAT GETTING KILLED JUST BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT IT WAS COOL TO PICK ON THE OUTCAST KIDS. PEOPLE WILL KEEP DOIN IT THOUGH THEY WONT TAKE THIS AS AN EXAMPLE TO BE NICE TO PEOPLE IT WILL BE FORGOTTEN IN A MONTH OR SO AND WE WILL GO BACK TO LIVING OUR NORMAL LIVES. I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS AND THE NEXT TIME SOMEONE IS PICKING ON AN OUTCAST KID I AM GONNA TELL EM THAT THEY KEEP ON AND THE KID IS GONNA COME SHOOT THE SCHOOL UP AND IF IT HAPPENS AND I GET KILLED I HOPE THAT THE PERSON THAT PICKED ON THAT KID DOESNT DIE AND HAS TO LIVE WITH WHAT THEY HAVE DONE AND HOW MUCH PAIN AND ANGER THEY HAVE CAUSE!!!!!!

Seems like a nice guy.

guessin you wont be reading this review any time soon. You have or had an interestin edge with your animation.

It should have never happened...

That's really upsetting that he did that to his school,but this was an awesome flash. He really could've done a lot in his life.He seemed very creative and from what i've heard he was really smart. Seriously do people ever learn what bulling can do? If you don't like a person leave them alone or at least be nice to them. You don't have to be their friend. Some peopl get pushed over the top easily. But it's sad he won't have anymore submissions I liked this one.


try to read this review now.......... lol but seriously that is sad what happen to those people man. Rest in Peace where ever all of those students are.