Reviews for ""Clown""

Another sign......

Man I sure wish I could have stopped this, just naother lesson to stop teasing and befriend the loneely guy in the corner. Though this has happened many of the people at my school continue to pick on the lonely person. They aree so fuckin retarded I hate it why dont they get it through their heads?

i heard....

i heard what happened...first he went and killed his grandfather then he killed his grandfathers girlfriend...he went to the school and shot a security guard then he went into a classroom started laughing and killing people..this kid had NO reason to kill that security guard or anyone for that matter murder has NO exceptions...i honestly feel a little bit sorry for the kid but more so for the kids who did nothing his grand parents the security guard and there families.This kid obviously had something wrong with him and i know he cant read this right now but i hope he finds regret from where he is right now



To explain let me tell you about modern art: it's supposed to provoke a feeling, good, bad, disgust, orgasmic &c. If you have a feeling inside of you after this movie then I refuse to believe anything else than Reget suceeded in making a good movie. and by the looks of it he sucseeded BIG TIME! you don't give movies that sucseed a 0! you give it 10!

Keep it UP!

this is great

make more! cant wait for the sequal

your a genius

I would kill to see more stuff,

i would just die if i didnt see another


Jeffery W. had some serious skills.
I don't blame him for what he's done really. People made fun of him and considered him an out cast. Hell some labeled him as a Goth kid.

If you pick and pick at someone and they bottle up their emotions. their likely to snap.

At my school I'm kind of an out cast.