Reviews for ""Clown""

Cara wtf este me assusta!

Still, you get a weird feeling from the music mostly, even the name of the song. It's almost like he's doing something to your soul. I'm not even going to say that the person was evil or even bad. Just saying knowing how the creator went out, then the music, AND THE TITLE OF THE SONG, really creepy.

As far as this being insight into his mind...it kinda is, however this is also a common beginner flash. Honestly the song says more than the animation. These thoughts were in his head prior to the animations, a little research will verify that. Part of a handicap that animation has is that you can only animate what you can....well....animate. However if this person created My Little Pony, they would of still been the same person, a textbook psychopath who xperienced a psycotic break.

ElSalvador is right. You can't expect flash animations to be an accurate indicator of psychological behavior. I mean Jesus Christ, the Salad Fingers guy should have stabbed half his neighborhood by now.

<3 DF

who is this guy?

very cool

very much like Dante Argentos experimental horror movie Suspiria had a baby with the Stephen King book IT. Surrealist art meets gothic corpsepaint