Reviews for ""Clown""


If this was an isight into the mind of this kid, that and his target practive were sort of a cry for help. But who could hear it? Obviously he chose the wrong method to express himself, not once but twice. Its wrong of all you lamers who are dumping on this poor soul, what he did was terrible, hell I would have probly shot 1st then asked why did you do it. Theres no compasion in the online world, and it can be just as cruel as the real one. It is true he was weak, but how many you can say you have not felt that one moment of weakness that almost consumed you? Still this is a downer, a major downer, I hope in the future, all you disturbed people will rationalize what your doing not as fun, but think how everyone will be affected. Though your life may suck, there may be that one person that believes your life is more important than everyones combined, and it doesnt have to be a family member, it could be the bum on the street that you gave a smoke or even dollar to. Evil begets evil, hatred leads to hatred, cant you all just simply understand that? Eh, what am I saying, whats done is done, just let it be and try to life to its fullest. And any1 that is feeling so disturbed they plan to act no their flash movies, they better be about sex and drugs, not killing people.


I cant say i agree with alot of people here that what he did was a good reaction to his fucked up life.Maybe (probably) he was psychologicaly unsound, he obviously had a bad home life.However this boy was a weak person,he couldnt take the pain that most of us can.Still he put 8/9 families through pain far worse than he could possibly comprehend.If any of u sick puppies contemplate suicide please dont go and put other people through your own pain,that is weak and dishonorable.If you cant take the suffering do the most honorable thing in that situation and just kill yourself.Jeff (like all other killers) was most definitely messed up in the head becaus any person of sound mind would not commit acts such as those on his or her fellow man.There is no use in murder.

Well it's a good animation...

Can't say I know too much about the shooting or why he did it. But still I get so annoyed with the people who say things like "I hope he is being tortured in hell" and such. Sure what he did was very wrong but u forget that he didn't do it without a reason. Im not saying that what he did was right in any way, my point is that you guys probably know to little about the background of the whole thing to be able to say such things. It was maybe that kind of attitude against other people that made Jeff think it was right to kill those people for their crimes. And like someguy who I dont know the name of once said "If god is a part of everyone, why would he damn them to hell?"

woah creepy.

eh, fucked up shit, crazy cerial bastard monster... seen it. (make better blood next time plz!)

~da killa


Weird seeing thisbguys work after what he done... The last guy was a fuckin dumbass this was submitted in 2004!! What the guy done was rong but there mustve been a load of shit happenin to put him over the edge like that