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few words, scary, demented, WRONG

that was just plain scary.............

i dont really like clowns

As I said in my "target practice" review, I wish I knew jeff because I think I could have helped. I have been bullied and all he probably needed was a good friend. Not the kind of friend who was also angry at the world and would have helped him kill those poor people, but the kind who would have been like pffff what?

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Meh... October 28, 2004

Reviewed by: *blank* Overall Score: 4

This is your flash: "Once upon a time, the end".

Graphics: 8 Sound: 3 Interactivity: 0 Style: 6 Violence: 7 Humor: 0

Regret's response:

Yes indeed.
Much like most of our lives.

...funny response, no?


I'm just now seeing the animations made by Jeff. As I said in my review for "Target Practice" had anyone seen these, people would've probably understood this kid's depression and possibly what drove him to commit that horrific act in his school. On a final note, pray for the victims of the shootings and for those related to Jeff. Though everyone is trying to move on, we have to admit that this was a pretty terrible event.


#1. I would like to say, this is the work of a kid, who later shot and killed multipule people, and then himself. the work is good, though when looked at from the angle of the school shooter, and not the person, pretty fucking big neon sign, in hindsight.

#2. I never knew jeff or his victims, those he killed, and those left behind. he is/was oviously messed up in the head. propobly due to bullying. he needed help. wether or not he reached out for it, I don't know, and may be up for debate. if he did, and was ignored, this is what happens, and then this was completly avoidable. if he didn't reach out, then it was unstopable, short of someone else giving him the help he so desperatly needed.

#3.it is a fucking shame. geez... thats like saying that the sun rose in the east today... and I get to say what I did in #'s 1&2 because I have been in his position... except that I didn't kill people. instead i got lucky and someone helped me. as to the whole "i hope you burn in hell u bastard...blah blah blah..." thing, I dont. I know that he does, suicide is unforgivable. and a fucking shame, because even though he killed all those people, he is still a person.

to him, and his victims.... Rest In Peace, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Nicholas Cossar