Reviews for ""Clown""

Do you guys realised Jeff Weise has been dead for years? There's no point in talkind him in 2nd person.

May the next life be more kind.

Function over functionality... What you have here is good, your graphics are really excellent, but the animation is minimal and simply not interesting. While the clown's face, the black and white scheme, and soundtrack are eerie and set the mood, the end result just seems like it's missing something, or maybe it's just unfinished.

A more detailed or drawn-out death sequence would have elaborated on the mood, I think. Or perhaps something showing the victim after he was dead, like his body in the foreground with the clown int he background. As it is, your animation ends a little too quickly for it to be ominous, which I think was the intention.

It's alright. I mean, it's creepy and all, but I think if you make it longer and imrpove the animation (like the clown's face when he wanted to kill the guy). And I think the blood could have been more realistic.

For the future, I suggest cleaner animation and length and longevity. Really have something to offer.

I know you can do it man, keep up the good work and I can't wait to see your future flashes!

I don't blame this guy for what he did

he is just another victim of our heartless world