Reviews for ""Clown""

I'm glad the site didn't take his flashes down. Decent animation. RIP, everyone involved in the tragedy. Also, it's weird how a lot of people here are submitting comments talking directly to him, as if he were alive or could read them or something. Thinking about it gives me chills. Yeah, I'm talking to you, people who write from the second-person perspective. Wait.

It's weird sumbitting a review for a dead person eccpisely a person who died that way.
Anyways good animation, the music adds a special thing to it. Not bad for 2004 eh?

I like his flashes, but this is really sad. He could have been a great animator if he stuck around long enough. He was a killer, but he was also just another victim of this world.
R.I.P Jeff. Hopefully you've found peace now.

I know this guy is gone but his animations are actually good and i've seen worst then this come on why you guys hating? This shit is nothing compared to recent madness videos i've seen.

This guy had talent it's a shame he did what he did but the videos shouldn't be removed because of his actions, i say they should stay.

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Jeffrey Weise is dead and gone. They should get rid of his violent cartoon too. This and Target Practice. It''s too disturbing to know that this was made by a killer.