Reviews for ""Clown""

You got a lot of talent man! 5/5
I hope you return to NG to make more stuff for this site. You're one of the, how should I say, more.. talented individuals around.

Well, what can I really say about this? This was the time Jeff was making cartoons. I'll never forget the impact he had here. I guess this animation is pretty good. It's just hard to like with the politics surrounding it. Oh, and it was too short!

I feel dirty reviewing this. I still have to give my two cents. It even talks about him on Halloween 2004 here. They didn't have to mention that right away. Well, we just need to get over it, especially with Donald Trump as the President now.

Its nice to know u guys got to keep bring up the fact he did a school shooting.
I went through the whole ordeal
And knew the victims so everybody stfu and stop talking about his shooting like you were there

@terminator20 Eyy i logged into this account which i made back last year to tell you that "regret." the creator of this video was jeff weise, aka the perpetrator of the red lake highschool massacre. He killed himself after killing 8 people on march 21st 2005. So no he can't make a cartoon out of this, he's dead, been dead for 10 years now infact. He was a extremely misguided generally stupid, native american neo-nazi who thought it was a good idea to kill 8 innocent classmates because he couldn't solve his own problems.
As for the animation well, i'm conflicted. Its not good, or as good as he could have done, why would a man walk up to a clown that he knows is just going to kill him. He might have been referencing pog o the clown but we'll never know now. Its certainly eerie but had it been longer and had more of a backstory it could have been much much more Halloween ish. Jeff had potential, part of me wishes he never went through with his plans but he wasted it with the red lake massacre.

did you make a cartoon of the movie it