Reviews for ""Clown""

Creepy but good

Eh, the author was not exactly perfectly sane, but that doesn't mean that the rest of you can say that it's terrible just because of who made it. This is pretty creepy, but I like it. He was a great animator, but I guess that he couldn't keep the rest of him together.

Im scared.

Im scared to play it, so if anyone can PM me about what happens, let me know, because knowing who this guy is, and hearing that he's sort of messed up, I don't want to risk getting scarred for life.


Not that this movie was excellent, but Jeff was a considerably talented flash artist. Shame the dumb-ass had to go and shoot everything up and himself. Dumb-ass.


this guy wasnt smart. the least he couldve done was kill only himself so that just his family, not many others, would have to deal with grief. this guy was messed up and had no sympathy, and in my opinion, one who would fit this description doesnt deserve to live, and maybe even not ever being born.

Not hating

I am not giving this No Stars because I "just don't like it". I can't see myself giving a rating for an animation for someone who was seeking an outlet for his disturbing ideals and ultimately murdering people before ending his own life. He actually had some skills as can be seen here. It makes you wonder, if only there was at least one person who talked to him regularly, would it have ended differently?