Reviews for ""Clown""


More time was obviously spent on this flash than his other one. Creepy.


Hmmm...it had pretty cool animation and the music was creepy kind of...meh i give it a 6. Too short..not that it matters now anyway. And you are suppose to be rating the flash not the author that made it...it shouldn't matter what the author did its the flash you rate not him.

Haha....... clown

animation was a 6, but since a mislead ass made it ...... Negative

Gee..... time flies......

It's been six years since Jeff posted this. Too bad he evolved into an absolute monster.....


For 2004, he would have been a pretty good animator. By now, he could have been a pro, if he had stayed around long enough to see it. It really goes to show that violence really only eliminates whatever good qualities you may have. It's better to tough it out, or even run away, than to end your life or hurt someone else.

You can always call 1-800-SUICIDE if you need someone to help, or just listen. They are amazing people.