Reviews for "-ganon95- Tetris 4"

:D Catchy.

I like this one too! Your songs are great! :)

ganon95 responds:

glad u like it

Uhhh!! A long time ago Game!!!"·· XD

U Remember How funny it was tetris????!!"" What a Days Those days!" hahah!""!!·

Greets for thiis one..... It remains me in my ness!!! Wow!!!!! (Snif))

ganon95 responds:



Very interesting remix, I agree with others suggesting this as a darker remix. I was a bit worried with the intro, for some reason, I just didn't feel exactly comfortable with it...It's like something was missing to give it an extra punch. Otherwise, I just loved the Tetris madness, so thank you. =D




ganon95 responds:

glad you liked it, im not too fond of the instrament that i used in the beginning but it still works


This need to be 1st in the audioportal :D

ganon95 responds:

i hope it gets there =]


I've heard many, and when i say many, i really meant MANY remix version of tetris but so far, yours seem to be best i've heard. You put so many variation in that simple song that it doesn't sound so repetitive. I'm learning fl too but can't seem to be able to get a good drum set. Mind showing me what you use?

ganon95 responds:

i downloaded most of my drum kits from vipzone.com