Reviews for "-ganon95- Tetris 4"


Something wrong with tones... Tetris 3 sounds much better...

ganon95 responds:

yea tetris 3 sounds better but i don't think theres anything wrong with the tone

purist alert

the original's a classic videogame song. nothing compares to it, by principle.
I will look at this song as a tribute to it. well done.

ganon95 responds:

yea you can't compete with the original =P


I CANNOT, CANNOT get enough of Tetris. This YET another awesome job done and probably the longest ones I've seen out here. Kudos!

ganon95 responds:

na this isn't the longest but it is ONE of the longest


ive always liked the tetris song, and this is the best. i had trouble finding it becouse i typed in goron95. try doing a remix of the no more heroes game song. look it up on youtube

ganon95 responds:

lmao goron95


This definitely reminds me of the old days when I used to play Tetris. Way to bring back memories! 5 stars!

ganon95 responds:

glad you liked