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Reviews for "This is Halloween! (2004)"

me likes

this is cool :) perhaps a little mre work on graphics, just the little lines coming off at edges, just the little things. but yeah this is a cool movie, and happy birthday :P

eddsworld responds:

well i am gettign a computer oen for my birthday so stay tuned

sub par

i didnt enjoy this, even though i enjoy elfman's work (the music if anyone doesnt know), the voices were incongruent and it was unoriginal, good effort though.

I'm sorry but no.

This movie was not that good, the song was made with specific characters in mind, using your own doesn't make any sense, some of the voices didn't make sense for the characters that were used. But the spots where the song was extremely specific you had no choice but to use the same characters as the movie. when your making a movie based on a song like this you have to do it really well and you didn't. I'm sorry, but this was an insult to the movie.

eddsworld responds:

well it was hard to try and take on the masterpiece

It was creative

It was different. Graphic could have been a bit better. The voices of the song didn't match the mouths so it was only ok. But good idea.


...i dont see how this is good. you took the song to nightmare before christmas and made a flash thats kinda like the movie
the animation isnt THAT good..i mean sure it shows u put some work in it but nothing amazing. also....the pumpkin king looks like a badly drawn ninja.

eddsworld responds:

bloody hell! read the authors description