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Reviews for "This is Halloween! (2004)"


and good timing aswell! haha. good of you to make a haloween movie, and even better of you to make a pretty good one, too! lol.
nice graphics - heaps of different characters and backgrounds.
good animation - lots of movment and lip synch to be done.
and a good song. very good for the occasion. so well done, i enjoyed it.

and i am the ghost

the nightmare before christmas tone really added to the atmosphere and the problem with this is i dont care if it is your birthday or not halloween is on sunday not today,the graphics were samey and o.k but i wanted jack skellington as that would be well funny.


As you can see, most of the things I put were kind of low. I have a soft spot for music videos and I like that song. You get a three.


This is halloween... this halloween... lol ^_^

Good Song

Nice way to apreciate The Nightmare before Xmas

i'ts good