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Reviews for "This is Halloween! (2004)"


i give it all tens because i love that movie the animation and the song

Could've been better

But it's good the way it is... Great job man, love the song. I give it a........ 4! This is Yami, signing OUT!


you should make a continue of the story with the shadow lookin dude!

Great flash!

You have really put an effort into making this Halloween flash. I can see that by the outcome here. I simply loved the graphics, very impressive! And the song! How did you come up with that? Or was it a song that existed already. Well, anyway it was a really good piece of animation, and I have to say that I consider you as one of my favourite artists here on NG. All in all, an outstanding flash, which was really interesting. Congratulations!
-This has been another long review brought to you by ze_great_fox!

every 1ne hail 2 da pumpkin song

brill u have put a lot of effort into this which means when i get my web sorted out front page all the way