Reviews for "Snowbot"


The drums sound a little flat, but the melody is so amazing that it makes up with it. I love the naughty dissonant notes hehe ; ) keeps it well interesting.

But sir!

I am serious... The melody is amazing!


moves and keeps going... Does not wait... I like it...

It's sweet.

I love the step effect and the basic guitar melody, it really lifts. Can I ask what program you made this with?

AKS9 responds:

its made with garageband!
the "step-effect" is a default synth called circuit dialogue. I didn't know you could call it step-effect I don't actually know much about synths and such
thanks for the reviews dude :)


Simply Harmonic!


This song is awesome, I never thought a song can sound so good until now, favorited this one for sure.