Reviews for "Snowbot"

Well Done

I really liked this. Some of the drums were a little inadaquate, but everything else was great. You wrote this on guitar, but didn't record it on guitar?

Outstanding Guitar

Awesome job with this one man, really enjoyed listening to it. Though I must say that my favorite thing about this song would have to be the guitar, it was very catchy and was played very professionally, sounded very well done, good job with that. The beat here was good, very underlaying and soft but still fit the tone of the song greatly and matched it perfectly, good job with that. Excellent work here man, 5/5 from me, keep up the good work! :)



Good Stuff!

This song really builds up and makes your heart feel it.
the song hits hard, hard to explain.
Anyway, I for one enjoyed it, with the tingy beeps going on, felt natural.


Very Relaxing and continuous, has a steady beat 9/10 or 5/5