Reviews for "Rikku's Eyes"

Very well done

I like how you drew the Final Fantasy Character. The angle is perfect. Body shape and form is very well done and the colors are great. I like how you put swirls in her green eyes is like shes staring deep in your soul. Thumbs up for you. ;)

<3 Rikku

Her mouth is a bit to large imo. Her gloves should be darker. Her shawl has two "endings" I can only see one. The should could be a little lighter. Other than that it is just awesome!

You should make Rikku from FFX or an other dressphere from FFX-2!


Keep it up!

Eyes? What Eyes? I see no eyes...

Oh there they are... Still not sure those are eyes though. Anyway great pic very very very good, you've got some serious talent up in here. Ever think about going like for the big time comics and stuff, I think these kinda of things would just show off your talent big time.

Well done!

It's really well done. It must be hard drawing from that perspective. I mean having the lower body smaller than the top and stuff. Very good. 10/10