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Reviews for "Back to School Comic"

Oh really?

That teacher is to presumptuous, I only fail at CERTAIN ASPECTS of life.


The lunch one really spoke to me. Back in our middle school it was a battle to see who would eat the other first, the kids, or the lunch. God, my stomach is still recovering and its been three years now. >_<

To summarise, rather than 'Mommy' our lunch would've said 'OM NOM NOM' right back at us.

Sabtastic responds:

HAHA - Holy shit. I thought MY cafeteria in highschool was bad.. D8

were you princess pimple.

your speakin my language. i was so pumped about tomorrow then i realised i have school tomorrow.

Sabtastic responds:

I totally was princess pimple. O:


Also,you forgot the cock jokes

Sabtastic responds:

lol! You're absolutely right! o:

..I guess it could fall under the category of 'dumb asses' for now, though. XD


You forgot the scary bus driver that looks like shes from Resident Evil.