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Reviews for "Back to School Comic"


@IsaacShadow: Just be glad you didn't have to do pre-calculus. Is that shit supposed to make sense or something? I had to do a full year of that my senior year. Barely passed it. And I was a high 'B', low 'A' student.


I sooooo freaking love this!!!!

yep school would suck....

school kind of boring.......so i dontl ike it i hate....school...

that ain't even half the sh*t that happens

You left a few things out : homework, studying, more homework, projects, extra credit, lunch, f*cking math class for anyone with their mind still intact, hormones (god damn-it), dating, breaking up, bullies, fighting bullies, getting in trouble for fighting bullies, Idotic class mates (not just dumb asses), and lets not forget the GRAND-MOTHAF*CKING-DADDY of them all : grades. lets see if you can fit all that on to one strip.

still waiting,

-Isaac Shadow

Sabtastic responds:

lol Ho-boy..! D:
I've got my work cut out for me. XD


you got it
this is the definition of school.
thank you for opening the eyes of the morons who seem blind to this
aka ADULTS!!!!