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Reviews for "Back to School Comic"

Whether in middle school or high school -

people will encounter these type of situatoinns. And thats what makes it funny. Nice job Sabrina.

Great job!

My school can make spaghetti white sauce into spaghetti sperm sauce and it taste like shit! I can't find any word to explain it.

Anyway I like your work. Well done ^u^b

i remember photos

I lost a bet and had to get a green mohawk for pictures and I remeber dumbasses got in some good fights back then ahh memories


totally epic sauce


Now the only thing I can recall to this is the ''Happy teachers'' comming back and the dumbasses........... yup pretty boring highschool life but still it was fun havin' food that ''looks'' good to eat (I saw people grow a bit fater 'cause of it) :P
And thanks to you I regret not using my free to learn how to draw T_T
Oh and btw: nice comic, I really like and always will like your drawing style :3