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Reviews for "Back to School Comic"

Hmm i can relate to tht

This really brings me bak to my middle school years!!!!
especially the cfeteria food X_x
i thought they were gonna crawl off sooner or later
But this comic really made me laugh though!

UGH.. Dumbasses

Great comic. I can relate to everything except the bad teachers and cafeteria food. The cafeteria food aint that bad (anymore) and I always get cool and fun teachers. But I hate school photos, they always turn out bad. I am a night person, or maybe just afternoon. And I hate all the dumbasses. Some are my friends and they are cool, but there are those people that seem to always hav no clue wats going on in class and dont hav that sense that tells you "shut, nobody cares anymore" and "that line/song was cool the first 30 times you said/sang it, but that was yesterday" Awsome comic, cant wait to see more

Amen to that YoY

i think you summed it up perfectly, except at my school teachers really are OVERLY nice, like sunshine and rainbows nice, mostly because they are afraid of being sued(alot of people in my town are lawyers), so us students can get away with almost anything. Like, you know that 15 year old kid who was going to reinact columbine? he was planning that at my high school, and nobody did anything about it until it was brought to the principles attention, but can't help it i guess. we get those kinds of threats every year, April 20th is like a national holiday for us. lol


that is school life at it's finest

SO true.

This really is all high school is... but keep your head down and stay to your groups you'll be fine in the long run. I loved the first panel more than others. Teachers really are under appreciated and a lot like the guy with the gun to his head. The line work, shading, color, and proportions are all great in this art work. However some places could use more texture, like the backgrounds behind the funny figures. I like that you filled the negative space with color, but a little more pattern couldn't hurt.