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Reviews for "Back to School Comic"

So true it made me LMAO

Yes it's true, I fell out of my chair laughing at it. The best part is that the First slide is true, the one below that reminds me of a guy in my class, change the time to 5 am, and then make the food nuclear and you've got my school O_O

poor kid...

Always failing at life, makes you laugh at others misfortune. By the way I am on my own super quest to review all your art wok, and now I has a car-pool tunnel. Why on earth they call it car-pool i have no idea, cars do not drive on me *sarcasm.* But yes, another 10 and you makes us all feel sad because we do not have the skill that you do, also why does no one give me a response? Makes me a sad panda.

Sabtastic responds:

lol Thanks, yet again. I've been slowly but surely stumbling across a lot of your reviews, so I'll do my best to reply to as many as I can. :P

Always appreciated, because you always give me great scores. c:


gave me a good laugh :D

lol, "you fail at life!" another comic

This is great, reminds me of that adultswim bump *life-your'e doing it f***ing wrong" or atleast how I remeber it...my highschool's cafateria food didnt try to eat us though, it was close to sqwurming away *I need a dictionary :3* and i loled at the school pictures, i would probobly be slacsalot lol

Sabtastic responds:

Ho ho ho.. XD
In all honesty, I was absolutely STOKED to be done with highschool.. but now I sorta miss it.. :\
I could tollerate all of the socially awkward kids again, I guess.. just for that 'social' atmosphere I used to get from it. :B

... God forbid, I'm gonna be a highschool teacher eventually, so I should be careful what I wish for.. D:>


I'd hate to dissagree with you on the last one, but i disagree with you on the last one
The caf' food is actually quite good... ... Mhhmm--Most of the time