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Reviews for "[V] - Furial"


I really love this, i can see myself trancing to this on those many nights of bordom when you know your not going to sleep!
Hay found you through MH16 ^_^ i know its really good to suport the artist around you lol.
Sooo ummm i think the tecno melody really works but i think theres to much symbols round 1.47 like i know there the main thing going on there, i just think it might good to change the pitch half-way through to give them a different sound. However just befor that the quick pause was well mint. And just to say the intro was lush, simple and really smooth. Got me in right away!!!
Keep going with it...
Spam ["-}{
Ps i'll be looking through your past work cus i bet there mint also plz mail when you put out new stuff i would love to here more and review ^_^

Marks-a-lot responds:

Hmm thanks for the advice, I will definitely try to work your comments into my future submissions. sure thing on the messages too

happy new years

Pretty good man. The reese was nice. I found the chord progression slightly strange in places, but it all seemed to stick together nicely, so even tho it was changing it still had similarities =)
The breaks were good. I found the kick kind of blended in with the lows a little too much, a more present kick would of been nice. Listening on speakers, the kick sounds fine. The only thing I can suggest, climax and breakdown. But I liked how you brought the high pitched synth melody in again. Very good song structure

10/10 and 5/5

Marks-a-lot responds:

I don't really have good sound equipment so I didn't pick up on that at first. good to hear those headphones are working out for you. I tried working on the structure of my song for once with this one.

thx for the review


This doesn't deserve a 3.25, so i'll try to boost the rating a bit.
I can't really think of things that could make this song better, i think it's really good now.
And a name... hmmm... how about: ''Angry Peanuts''? No no, just kidding :P
I think ''Timeless'' or ''Discover'' are nice titles for this.

Marks-a-lot responds:

hmm I like Timeless...I am probably going to go with that. Thanks for the review

love da beat!

That's my kind of sound!
love the beats!
a very good 2009!

Wow again!

You actually managed to make it even better! Job well done! I agree it needs a new name; nothing comes to mind right now though...

Also, thanks. I plan to finish the animation some time tomorrow. Happy new year!