Reviews for "+*+*(Distance of a gaze)*"

Still got the reviews ^^

first this is not so appealing and I'm not that much of a F-777's fan so....but that doesn't mean its bad....I think ^~^


when there is the build up its well made

the song is very smooth so good work on the volume

it had a calm ending

Negative :

the sound are practically the same

the same goes towards the rhythmic part, although there is that calm down by 0:55 and then later again so no points lost in the rhythm part

It lacks "epicness"

conclusion: I didn't check the original(I can beat you know why I said this -_-), but I hope those buildups and smooth volume is almost like this, the downward was just the rhythm and sounds like I said before, they lack power, and I'm not saying intensity or something like that its just that the rhythm is not that catchy and the sound combos are not that good... I guess is a median ambient/classical song

Chronamut responds:

ah well. I liked his original and mostly just wanted to give it the mastering power it deserved - and you're right I didn't add much to it - maybe some percussion.. and the glistening effects - oh and the choir.. so this is really more a collab between him and me :)

and ya you still do haha - good job of staying on top of that :)

and I hate how everyone thinks that classical has to be "epic" - this is supposed to be a warm comforting relaxing song - so fuck it - I'm putting this in ambiant >:(

thanks for the review!



well cromo the homo, i came up with a new name for you, Crom-o-Slut.

im sure 100% with out dubt jesse filped a lefty as sucked sac when you showed him this xD... but man the only thing i say should have been changed is lower the strings. you need a lot of work in that EQ part of the Music game. the drums or really odd i got to say i hats could used reverb on them (well more) other then that the drums like snare and kick off balence other then that no complants

f-777 is the true mastermind behind all of this tho :-) let us not forget this

Chronamut responds:


how funny is that XD

and I already fixed the song since you wrote this email hehehe :P

I also liek the strings as that are :)

and yes he is :)

thanks for the review!


A question

First, sorry if I'm double reviewing this, but this was absolutely perfect.

I just want to know if I can use this for a mod of portal, I really need to find some good music. As long as you don't mind sad endings, if you want to know about just ask. But I need to know if I can use this, I'll put your name in the credits if you allow me to. Thanks. :)

Chronamut responds:

if you're going to use it on newgrounds there is actually a place where you must click so my name shows up as an audio artist under your name for your flash - but ya sure you can use it :)

and aww you broke the chain of tens.. :(

thanks for the review!


Nice tune

Wow I have to say that I love this tune or song, it is really mellow and keeps up a nice tempo that keeps the interest up as the vibe is nice and even unique, your work is always great, keep up the great work.

Its a remake of an older tune so you already made the changes of improvment.


Wow! A perfect song for my level.