Reviews for "+*+*(Distance of a gaze)*"

Nice! :)

Sounds a hole lot better than before. Listened to the prev. at first and this one really has more "life" into it. Nice upbeat feeling there chrony! ;)

Was relaxing and enjoyed it! :)

4.20 / 5.00 (+ 0.13)

Chronamut responds:

yes I heard F-777's song and I heard the untapped potential in it and so I asked him if I could improve it and he said yes :)

glad you enjoyed it! I wanted that relaxing beautiful feeling

thanks for the review pookie! <3 :P


Very uplifting!

I love the atmosphere man. This song just has the most beautiful feeling to it. I applaud you on that. I felt the intro was a little too fast to finish. Imo', would have been even better if you'd really introduced each instrument and made a memorable entrance. But that's all I can really poke fun at here really. All that's left to say is great job man :).

Chronamut responds:

I thought the intro sufficed.. *shrugs*

I really wanted to bring the beauty out in it though :)

glad you like it - I tinkered with it for quite a while :)

thanks for the review!


I like it.

It's good, kind of the same but overall it has a better output.

Love the sound and how you can just listen to it over and over.

Good finish.


Chronamut responds:

ya I didnt really feel like much needed to be changed melody wise - F-777 is good that way :)

my goal was moreso to put my mastering skills to work on it - and extend it a bit.. and just bring more of the beauty out in it :)

thanks for the review!


Still got the reviews ^^

first this is not so appealing and I'm not that much of a F-777's fan so....but that doesn't mean its bad....I think ^~^


when there is the build up its well made

the song is very smooth so good work on the volume

it had a calm ending

Negative :

the sound are practically the same

the same goes towards the rhythmic part, although there is that calm down by 0:55 and then later again so no points lost in the rhythm part

It lacks "epicness"

conclusion: I didn't check the original(I can beat you know why I said this -_-), but I hope those buildups and smooth volume is almost like this, the downward was just the rhythm and sounds like I said before, they lack power, and I'm not saying intensity or something like that its just that the rhythm is not that catchy and the sound combos are not that good... I guess is a median ambient/classical song

Chronamut responds:

ah well. I liked his original and mostly just wanted to give it the mastering power it deserved - and you're right I didn't add much to it - maybe some percussion.. and the glistening effects - oh and the choir.. so this is really more a collab between him and me :)

and ya you still do haha - good job of staying on top of that :)

and I hate how everyone thinks that classical has to be "epic" - this is supposed to be a warm comforting relaxing song - so fuck it - I'm putting this in ambiant >:(

thanks for the review!



I review'd the last song of the yeah :D


Chronamut responds:

you bastard hahaha XD

thanks for the last review of 2008!