Reviews for "La Fille du Marais"

Nice arts :3

I really wasn't expecting this

wow very nice i love the colr,the art style its all good,now time to check out more art

Love it! I'm just now starting to use Paint tool SAi and so I know what it can do. I think you did a nice job keeping everything simple but very stylish. Great job!

Bon Travail,elle est vraiment sexy la fille du marais,je la vois bien en combattante et non je n'essaye pas de parler Français,j'habite en France et je sais trés bien parler Français (j'ai appris la langue). :)
Je te dis ça parce que pour ton art : "Rock On The Sea",tu m'avais répondu que j'essayais de parler Français et je crois que tu as fait une erreur. ^-^'

Well done. Good lighting, good coloring. I've got a problem with her head, tho: it looks too small in comparison to the rest of her body. The head is 1/8th of her body, which is good, but its just too flat to go with the length and slenderness the other parts of her seem to go for.