Reviews for "La Fille du Marais"

This is beautiful O_O

Gorgeous. Awesome work.

This is great art. Keep up the good work.

I really admire the style you use in your artwork. The way that you draw something cartoonish and then add realism to it is amazing!
What I mean by realism is that the girl has relatively right proportions (besides from the head, but it gives the right feeling. I like it very much) and perhaps the shading.

Every one of your artwork that I've seen (including the art for Pico Day 2012) are amazing. Keep on going like this.

Amazing as always, yet this one sticks out, if this was a comic cover i'd buy that comic pronto.

your best one yet, also is she somehow related to "murder in the toilets"? suit n weapon look familiar.

Anyway one of the best pics in the art portal congrats and thanx for that extra pic of her in your Ng blog thingie . . . nameless swampgirl yeah!

Ephyse responds:

Thx :)
you got the eye! yes she is the one in the murder in the toilet, the same girl 10years older :)