Reviews for "Rucklo - Drunk"

lol wth.

i was drunk and listened to this, it made so much effin sence! idk how but it just did lol

Where are yar raps?



Instead of thinking about this when you are drunk it reminds me of waking up early in the morning.

What I'm imagining:
It's autumn, as the sunlight fades each morning, you wake up to a darker and dimmer room. It's a slow start, but you mange to get out of bed and drag yourself to your bathroom. You flick on the lights, the sudden brightness hurts your eyes and you are blinded for a minute. As your eyes adjust to the lights you use the toilet, brushed your teeth, and get dressed. When you are done, you make your way into the kitchen. The sun still isn't fully out yet. Whatever little light that was coming into your window projected a pale blue-grey color on the walls. There was just enough of it so that you didn't need the turn on your kitchen lights. You go to the coffee maker and make a new batch of coffee for yourself. When the coffee is finished brewing you pour yourself a cup and take a seat. As you take your first sip, the sun pikes up and slowly lights your kitchen.

This took be 30 seconds to think up, but it took a lot longer to write it out... :|

Rucklo responds:

lol. personally i hate early mornings. when the alarm goes off, i sometimes find myself cursing out loud, similiar to "go to fucking hell shit piss" or whatever comes to mind.

thanks for the inspiring review, man! :D

bang on

thats the epitamy of off your legs piss drunk :)

dyou...dyou wna buoy a drunk frm meh <hic> heh heh <THUD>


And its a nice and peaceful tune.

Rucklo responds: