Reviews for "Rucklo - Drunk"

your tempting me...

to get a bottle of JD and listen to this song after i down it all, though it's still funny to listen too.

Hey you whore! No giving yourself a five!!!

I would vote on your submission myself, but seeing as you already did it for me, I guess I'll leave it alone.

Anyways, here's my review. the piano sounds a little weird. Maybe it's because it's slightly too loud, or maybe it's the way some of the notes cut off abruptly. The weird tuning does play a part in it too.

Good choice of instruments though, all the instruments fit the theme well.
BTW, what's that one instrument that plays from around :30 to past 1:00? I know that it's pizzicato something, but I don't know what exactly.

And I'm surprised you found a use for the harmon. I heard that instrument and instinctively put that in the backburner because I figured I'd never use it.

Rucklo responds:

That's a pizzicato yesh.
if you make a really gay song, you'll find that most ass-sounding instruments makes sense. and of course i'll fifen mah own newly submitted ass-tunes. everyone does, the ones who say othervice are most likley not people.