Reviews for "Rucklo - Drunk"


sit back and enjoy the tunage

you must

really have to be drunk, if there was nothing better then this will do, but i am sure you can do better. we shall see with your next submission.

gratz and good luck.!.

Oh wow

I loved how you changed the pitch of the notes. Nothing much to say.

Live is good, and the same goes for beer.

10/10 5/5

lol just think

i gots a feeling that 90% of the people that voted ten and 5 and reviewed completely agreeing probably have never touched alcohol in their life :P

on a completely different note, it is a fun song. not gonna lie about that. fun and entertaining. best of all, i listened to it for half an hour and didnt realize it was a loop :P good job dude

Absolutely lovely.

It's so fun, amazingly entertaining haha.