Reviews for "Rucklo - Drunk"

not that great



I mean it well was.........interesting... It was different. For having to be drunk(not sober) to really understand this is quite strange. I will have to do just that and try listening to this audio when i'm so not .... sober.. But other then that wasn't half bad

Funny track

Something about this track cracks me up.
I have no idea what, it just does!

Ya Wright Palsy!

The sensation. The beat gives us and tells us what relaxation is like. I feel that this music tells us how being drunk feels like and brings us to the world of our tale. I think that this music is good and done with lots of hardship and thoughts gone through by the author. Thus, this good piece of music is made and posted on Newgrounds.
Good Music! Well done! A 10/10 for your song!


This is honestly one of the best peices of music in the 21st century. This song puts nothing but joy and emotion into my heart and I am automatically pulled in. Life would be so exceptionally better with your music spread across the landmasses, for the starving children in africa will have something to tap their feet to, the Russians to trepak to, and for every man's musical pleasures. Possibly all world concerns can be solved with the epicness of this song in all it's glory. Thank you sir, there is indeed a God watching over us.