Reviews for "Ghost Widow"


Finally,some one does a coh pic, thank you!


I still play said MMO. Any chance of drawing Sis Psyche? :D


O-ooh crap that is awesome XD I luv the eyes :P

good ol' $14 a month, dayz

That consumed about a year of my life Jr. High school life, but its best we learn these lessons early

Sabtastic responds:

Ahaha. XD
Sounds just like a chunk of my highschool years too.

..Ah, good times.


She really is convincing on being ghost like. Also I like how you used a black and white theme, you do not normally do that so I really enjoyed the different style. Shading, highlights, and the fade effects are great. Keep up the good work.

Sabtastic responds:

Thanks! C:
This one was tougher for me, actually because I tried to use -zero- sketch or lineart before drawing the rest of the picture. I still kinda like how it came out though, overall.. :B