Reviews for "Ghost Widow"

Sharp looking

The use of black and white helps deliver the ghostly look perfectly, Soft edges also build on her ghostliness, for they portray an image of transparency, Besides ghostliness, the attire/what can be seen of her body also ties into the look of unearthliness, The heavy outlining of darkness around her eyes, plus the lack of pupils, is especially sinister, Lovely piece.

I dont think it needs anything but maybe some small detail in the backround even without it its pretty nice work.


I still sometimes go around in your art gallary and finding new favorites.
thinking damn you are awesome artist :)

Sabtastic responds:

Aw, thankyou! c:
Haha I've been entertaining the idea of getting rid of the older stuff, but I'm glad you like it!


i'm speechless. i really love this.


I even have a figurine of Ghost Widow! Very well done, you are quite the artist!

good ol' $14 a month, dayz

That consumed about a year of my life Jr. High school life, but its best we learn these lessons early

Sabtastic responds:

Ahaha. XD
Sounds just like a chunk of my highschool years too.

..Ah, good times.