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Reviews for "-Race around the world 2-"


A remix of your own song!
This one is as great as the original!
Keep up the awesome good work!
I hope one day you become a recognized artist around the world.

when i just heard the first ten seconds of this...

i knew it would be epic

and i was right. you're awesome waterflame i think you are the best music creator here on newgrounds. keep doing what you're doing and you might be the best music maker in the world

A fantastic Blend...

Sounds like you took and blended Race around the Moon and Race around the World 1 together to make this amazing song. xD, Here it adds onto my ipod with the other two.

~ At Ease Soldier ~

angry mee

i almost cussed at the truck outside for making noise while i was listening to this lolololololololololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, that's it.

This is EXACTLY why there should be a Castle Crashers 2!