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Reviews for "-Race around the world 2-"

This is even more song like rather than a BGM.

Either way is fine, I like the way you made this. A good mix of hyped up sections, some slow then fast moments. Not much I can say except very good job.

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! ^^

a wonderful take on a previous awesomeness

after all the wait for your next awesome song (and i had been checking regularly for a while) i was a little disappointed when i saw that it was just a take off a song you already did...

however, it rocks!!! it pays honor to the original without focusing on it too much and kinda riding on the success of it. just when the melody is familiar from the first song, and i'm humming along, it changes into something original, and it's great. it retains enough of the original sound to easily be associated with the first song but stands on its own just as well.

i also really like that it starts very simply. the beat is basic and the melody has nice long notes. then as the song continues, the melody becomes more varied as does the fell of the note lengths and your signature DnB style beats kick in.

please please please don't make us wait so long for more of your awesomeness (work, gf, and illnesses aside of course :D)

Waterflame responds:

haha, wow! dont know what to say here almost, all of you are beeing to kind :D
im really glad you noticed the details you described, as they were all planed, i diddnt really want to make a total remake, just make the song what it could be! and i wont make you wait long! ;) im working on 3 projects now, and they all tops my recent submitions in my opinion, so stay tuned ;D

thanks for the awesome review, I really appreciate it! :)

YAHH Finaly

i was waitin so long and the wait paid off

Waterflame responds:

Glad it did :D thanks!

Happy 2009

What a great way to start off the year 2009! This song strikes perfectly with the tuning fork of 2009, a year for hope.

With no disrespect, I honestly didnt beleive you could beat the first Race Around the World and was skeptical for a sequal. I was horrifyingly wrong. This song is equally as awesome if not more awesome and it grows on me with every second. I should have known better than to doubt you ;) but still, im not so sure about lyrics, but i have nothing to base my opinion on (none of your other songs have lyrics), so i cautiously await Race Around The World 3. It really shows that you put your mind to this song as with all of your songs. It played nicely with that tune and it was cool to hear it done with different insturments and sounds. The initial build up was great too. All around another job well done.

Waterflame responds:

I was sceptical myself, but after redoing it alot of times, i realised that the original clean concept was the best for the melodies! no one has been sure of the lyrics untill they see them fitted with the song ;) altho, it might make the song so bilssfully happy few pepole can appreciate it, im still gonna do it, lol. thanks!
great review ^^

Pure awesomeness

Honestly, I was scared that after this wait, the track wouldn't match up to the first. Well, it's perfect! I am in love with it already and it'll sure have alot of plays on my iPod now :) you rock!

Waterflame responds:

Haha, i was scared too ;__; thank you! i sure hope so :D