Reviews for "Sabtastic Left 4 Dead"

I feel sad that I didn't like this as much as most people. I still think it's a good picture. I guess it's just that, with zombies, you want to see more detail. I would have liked to see some of those guys being shot up in this. You could just show the bullets penetrating them. That sounds dirty.

Speaking of dirty, I really do feel bad for wanting every picture of a girl to be hot. It does show pretty good emotion in this. I'm not that familiar with the characters of the game. I guess a lot of times, I just don't look past carnage in a zombie work. Two guns, good idea.

This looks pretty amazing! How much of time did you spend on this project?

I think it's pretty cool. it looks like you are actually pwning zombies.

Sabtastic responds:

Fun fact, actually, if you play L4D2 on Steam, it's free to play until Monday the 8th!

This is some seriously detailed art. I love the way how some artists can literally merge themselves into a picture as someone else, particulary a character from such an amazing game. Good job.


you need an auto-shotgun to crown a witch....lol