Reviews for "Sabtastic Left 4 Dead"

love it

little did sab know that one day witches would wander, great piece... it would great to see some l4d2 artwork from you


Do you think there was a reason that zoey from L4D
looks like all sabs self portraits?
I don't they know sab was so awesome that they put her in the game!
Go Sab!!!!! :-)

Sabtastic responds:

haha - omg please tell me who you are.
Your username makes my week. x3


Great piece of artwork.
But for you guys that never got the cr-OWNed joke. A crone is an old lady, normally associated with witches. (OMG really?) The O-N-E of crone sounds like own. and when you kill somthing its commonly said as "I just owned him" (or any other phrase.) Do you see the joke? I found it funny. Also don't call it a crown (like for kings) cr-OWNed!!!!!!!! (SHOTGUN TO THE FACE!!!!!!)

Sabtastic responds:

Huh... cool!
I did not know that... o:
(i'm a pretty big lexical geek, too, so little explanations like those are interesting to me)


Good Luck Zoey.

Man this is a kick ass piece of artwork. There is just so much detail in to it. Its Awesome 10-10

YOU look amazing.

Really like how you pretty much got everything L4D is about into that picture, witch, boomer, hunter, saferoom and that damned car, and ofcourse, dual pistols. great work, great work.

Sabtastic responds:

(See, this one doesn't have big tits.) B: