Reviews for "Sabtastic Left 4 Dead"


Auuugghh!! Now every time I play L4D I Boo hoo because Zoey isnt that hot! Now im gonna have to make a Mod or something to fix the face to look like that! AUGH!!! xD


Checked out all your left 4 dead fan art, you give alot more depth to left 4 dead then the game..then agen the game is mindless zombie blood bath.. anyways i think your very talented. Oh and zoeys hot...see what i did there? ha

Sabtastic responds:

Oh, you!

lol Thanks for the kind words and high scores man! Personally, I think Left 4 Dead's one of the greatest games ever made. XD

Sir Kevin has spoken

Kevin is impressed by this drawing by how zoey looks.

Like it!

Great L4D art! L4D ROCKZ!


Fantastic art!