Reviews for "Sabtastic Left 4 Dead"

Good Job

Good job overall, but you missed out on a couple of details.
1) The zombies have little or no shadow coming off them for all the light that is hitting them.
2) The Hunter is standing up on the side of the building in the background. Last I checked, Hunters can't do that :P
Keep up the good work, just pay a little more attention to detail next time.


The gun-left hand size ratio is off, but it looks truly great.


zoey doesn't wear any earring..
nice drawing..

Sabtastic responds:

It's a self portrait. I wear those.

As was said....

Very dramatic. This seems a little different than your other pieces in terms of perception and such, but it has your look all over it. Its just brilliant.


I love this picture especially the zombies because you can't exactly see then but you know they are there and that they are looking in your general direction, and that to me adds a very nice dramatic effect to the whole scene. I can't wait to get a tablet myself so I don't have to upload anymore of these copies of my work and then maybe ill finally get scouted.